Press Release

Making Spirituality Practical: Mother Clare Watts Releases a New Book for Spiritual Seekers

DOLORES, CO – Each week, Mother Clare Watts, a Master Teacher for the Order of Christ Sophia, flies to a different city to lecture about God. In the airports, she’s difficult to miss. Although she stands at an unremarkable 5’ 5”, she garners curious glances at her purple robes, which she wears to signify her mastery as a spiritual teacher. As a female priest, she also represents the empowerment of women in spirituality.

A feeling of timelessness and mastery pervades Mother Clare’s new book, Mystical Roses of Peace, a collection of some of the most powerful seminars she has delivered over the past decade. For the many who have asked for the written versions of her lectures to be made available, the book is a long-awaited work, allowing them to finally “take the seminar home with them.”

The book reflects Mother Clare’s connection to Mother Mary and presents deep mystical teachings with a simplicity that is often missing in spiritual books. Mother Clare’s practical wisdom makes spirituality possible for anyone who desires it, teaching readers how to live the timeless spiritual teachings while still functioning in the modern world and realities of family, work and everyday life.  The power of Mother Clare’s words come from experience.  She is the mother of four grown children who balanced work, family and spiritual training for over 30 years.

The book also gives readers a lay of the spiritual landscape. “Though there are highly inspirational writings from a number of great mystical teachers throughout history,” says Mother Clare, “my students often find those writings don’t answer their questions that pertain more to their earthly lives. How are they supposed to fit a spiritual life into an already busy schedule? How do they find the right teacher for them? How can they go deeper spiritually and give more to God? This book is an answer to many such questions.” In chapters that include, “The Ties That Bind Us to the Future,” “Spirit, Healing and Empowerment,” and “Living As Monks of God in the World of the Senses,” the book’s title comes to life as each chapter unfolds like a mystical rose to reveal deep spiritual truths for readers at all stages of personal development.

What shines through in Mystical Roses of Peace is Mother Clare’s extraordinary experience on different spiritual paths prior to finding the Christian mystical tradition. “I personally had serious yogic training of several kinds, followed by Sufi training,” she writes, “and though I had some wonderful growth through these trainings, I did not clear much of the crust off my soul and was not brought to where I could experience God directly.”  It is this direct experience of and relationship with God that lends authority to Mother Clare’s teachings and makes Mystical Roses of Peace an invaluable guidebook for those seeking true spiritual transformation.

As the co-founder of what has been described as a “new religious movement” by noted religious scholars like Jim Lewis, Mother Clare is extremely qualified to speak about the challenges of making God first while navigating the demands of daily life.  Her warmth, candidness and palpable wisdom, along with her unusual life experiences make her a popular interview subject. She is available for interviews about topics covered in Mystical Roses of Peace, including spiritual community, empowerment, devotion and more.